Monday, July 2, 2012

Day 17: Why I Got Jaw Surgery/Before Photos

I'd like to think that I did a pretty decent job of hiding my underbite in pictures that I let people see, which allowed me to conceal its severity-- to others and to myself.  I had developed little visual tricks: I would always turn my head at the same angle, never fully bit down, and smiled with my mouth slightly open, only revealing my top teeth.  While sitting in class or relaxing at home, I would unthinkingly rest my chin on my hand, pushing my jaw back into my skull and hoping it would stick that way.  Looking back, I recall never being in a fully relaxed position: I had become accustomed to straining the muscles in my neck to pull my jaw back as far as possible.  When talking to friends, as much as possible I would try and cover the lower half of my face with my hand.  As much as I had told myself in fear before surgery that this undertaking was unnecessary, that my bite didn't affect my life, that I had learned to live with it: I was lying.

When I try to see this situation objectively, this whole thing seems so brutally insignificant.  Compared with so much deeper suffering?  In the broad scheme of things, a jaw surgery seems to be something unworthy of making such a fuss over. (I always make too big a deal of things!)  Regardless, it's funny how something so seemingly insignificant can dictate someone's every thought and movement.

This is why I now know that the decision to get surgery was the right one.  I had the opportunity and the means to improve this one little aspect of myself, my life didn't have to be adjust, settle, deal, adapt, accommodate.  At least not in this area: this was fixable.  I took a round of pictures the night before surgery on my Photobooth (I'm cursing myself for not taking better-looking ones!) so I could try and get a clear picture of exactly what my pre-surgery bite looked like.  This also served to convince myself once-and-for-all that I needed this surgery.  I got a little silly, but hopefully these will give you a better picture of my bite discrepancy!

 I was biting down in this picture-- ahh!

Aaaaand here's my profile now:

And look at DIS!



  1. oh my gosh!! I am so pleased that I found your blog, your results are AMAZING! wow!! Seeing your results has made me so excited for my surgery:) Your profile is so perfect you are so beautiful! You were gorgeous before, its like your bite was your only slight flaw but now your are just beautiful in every way! woahh you must be so happy:)
    I really completely recognise what you were saying about hiding your bite when you smile too, I do allll those things! I always have my mouth slightly open, only show my top teeth and tilt my head in pictures. It'll be amazing to be able to smile and to not have to be aware of my bite being obvious after surgery..I can't waitt! I so hope my results are as good as yours I would be over the moon if I got a profile as pretty as yours:) heres my blog link if you are interested hehee!

    1. Rosa!! Thank you so much for the kind words! I'm not going to make a final judgement on my bite until I see my smile- then I'll see if I'm happy with it or not! But I agree my profile's a huge improvement! I will definitely follow you :) Good luck with everything!!!

  2. I have the same problems and you are beautiful in every way.I have a underbite and a crossbite which makes my :(chin): come out.Its annoying because ive been told so many times that if it were not for my Bites id be VEry Handsome.Id want to tell my parents but i dont want to let them know im insecure about my body.I need help my self.

  3. Wow your profile looks so different in a good way! Question, did you have anything done to your nose to make it smaller? I'm getting jaw surgery in the next year and I'd love to get a similar outcome for my nose, which is similar to your before pics.