Sunday, August 18, 2013

Quick Update/NEW BLOG!

Hello everyone, long time no blog! This is a quick update to say that I am leaving tomorrow for a semester-long study abroad adventure in Peru and Chile!  If you have any interest in following my totally cliche travel blog, it can be found here:

I have still been following a number of recent jaw bloggers, who all are doing amazing so far-- you got this guys!!  

I myself have been having some discomfort with my teeth-- my upper teeth always feel pushed by my lowers, almost as if my underbite is fighting back.  The orthodontists/surgeon insist that my bite is perfect, but I feel what I feel.  It's unfortunate, but is a relatively minor issue.  I have recently seen some videos/pictures of my jaw before surgery that once looked completely normal to me, and now are almost uncomfortable to watch.  Overall, I still am very happy with the way things turned out!

It's almost midnight and I've barely packed for the next three and a half months... blogging = procrastination