Tuesday, October 23, 2012


Had an appointment with my ortho yesterday and I finally have the coveted debracing date! November 29th. NEEDS TO COME FASTER. I am itching to have these things off of my teeth for good!
He also said my occlusion is textbook perfection: The extra month without bands is to ensure that they stay that way. I am counting down the days!


  1. Yayyy Allie! I am so happy for you! (Although it's too bad you can't get them off before Thanksgiving!)

    Where are you in terms of numbness these days? Do you feel like your breathing has improved since surgery? (That's one of the things I'm most excited about, moving my upper jaw and getting more breathing space!)

    The other day, my mom and I were admiring all the photos from your whole journey. I know everyone says this, but thank you SO much for sharing. It's so encouraging to see the results of lovely girls close to my age! Reminds me that I CAN do this and that it will be totally worth it! I hope my blog provides similar inspiration for future patients in the same way that yours has for me :)

    Can't wait for your final pictures!

  2. YOU HAVE TO POST LOTS OF PICTURES!!! I'm so excited for you. And so veryveryvery jealous.

  3. @postgradgrin: I'm definitely still numb in some areas but the feeling is slowly coming back! I've noticed that I have more feeling at the top of my gums and less towards my teeth. In terms of breathing, I havent noticed a huge difference but I can get more air through my nose now that it's widened. And aww thank you so much for your kind words it means so much!!! And you DEFINITELY can do this-- it's rough but it does pass quickly if you let it!

    @Meagan and Sarah: Thank you!! I can't wait to post them either! I hope you guys are doing well!